About Us

Areej is a flagship brand of Olympia Oils Private Limited a subsidiary of Olympia Group of companies, a conglomerate, of diversified industries which encompass synthetic yarn, carpets, textile (spinning), chemicals (soda ash and sodium bicarbonate), detergents, solvent extraction & edible oil refining, poultry feeds manufacturing, poultry processing, day old chicks & poultry farms and fruit & agriculture farms. Quality and consistency are company’s basic principles. Since inception in 2003, Olympia Oils Private Limited has continuously improved quality and introduced new value added products to its consumers based on international standards. The finest oilseeds are procured from around the World and extracted for their oil through our state of the art Plant maintaining the natural goodness of Oil. Olympia Oils is committed to provide healthier edible oils to its consumers at affordable prices so that everyone can enjoy the fruits of Nature. Our philosophy “Healthier and Happier Living” extends to the environment and its goal is to achieve sustainable procurement and consumption. We believe that healthier, satisfied & motivated workforce and progressive workplace environment are crucial for success.

Other than Areej, Olympia Oils offers a range of Value brands to its consumers in realization of its Vision to bridge the gap between price & quality of vegetable oil products so that everyone can access better quality and get full value of their hard earned money. Following are the Value brands being offered in the market;

  • Purile Banaspati
  • Purile Cooking Oil
  • Kamyab Banaspati
  • Kamyab Cooking Oil
  • Shandaar Banaspati
  • Shandaar Cooking Oil


Our vision

To establish leading brands of the Nation, beacon of light towards a healthy and prosperous society, with complete range of products serving all segments of the population. Our brands will change the way cooking is perceived in our society. As cooking is integral part of human life cycle and health is everyone’s right, we will bridge the gap between Quality & Price.

Our Mission

To spread health & happiness and improve the quality of life while becoming the leader in targeted segments of edible oil industry.