Health Tips

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  • Drink 8 glass of clean water every day and stay hydrated
  • Have a deep sleep of at least 6 hours every night and wake up fresh in the morning to face the World
  • Cola and carbonated drinks are harmful for human health; consumption should be avoided to avoid damage
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  • Add a lot of vegetable in your weekly diet plan and stay light
  • Eat a balanced diet and include meat, vegetable, lentils, etc. in suitable proportions & intervals in your weekly diet plan. For a complete diet plan according to your physique & daily activities, consultation to a dietitian is recommended
  • Add daily exercises into your routine and avoid stress
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  • Meet friends once in a while and have a lot of heart-fill laughter. This is magical for your emotional and mental well beings
  • Try to avoid bakery items and if possible substitute them with home cooked organic foods prepared in the best quality “Areej Premium Cooking & Canola Oils” enriched with Natural Antioxidants!